Catching Up and Falling Behind

Where do I begin? I’ve gone from posting weekly here on Sketchbook Warrior, to barely posting anything over the past few months. The year started off busier than expected, shifting priority away from blogging, and towards client work. As much as I enjoy client projects, I also enjoy blogging, and though Sketchbook Warrior has slowed down, it’s not done, and there’s more to come. I’ve had a few moments to peer over at my WordPress Reader, and realize that there is long queue of awesomeness to look at and comment on. I also want to welcome and thank the new followers, whom are bringing even more awesomeness into this WordPress network and community.

In the meantime, I’ve been hammering away at my sketchbooks, working on more buildings, more people, more doodles, and exploring freehand creative work. I have a backlog of work to post, including drawings like the one seen below.

As always, thanks for visiting Sketchbook Warrior, and I look forward to bringing you more sketchbook pages to enjoy.


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