The Math of Creativity

When I worked full time, I was proficiently creative in my personal sketchbooks. Daily interactions and observations with people and places provided an endless stream of material from me to work with. As a freelancer, however, it’s a different matter. While client projects continue to allow me many creative opportunities, working alone in a home studio has atrophied my own personal creative output.

Realizing this, I decided to do this drawing of a mummy wearing a Fez hat. Why? Because I had nothing else to work with, and grasping at straws, I decided to take the first two sparks that came to me. One was the mention of Fez hats in a book about Morocco; the other was a commercial for a movie about mummies. So I launched into a drawing that I never expected to take seriously (or even finish), and instead, came away with something that I not only like, but also provided opportunities to explore style, elements, color, and anatomy.

Creativity may seem like the marriage of a perfect two and two. In reality, it can also be the union of a random one and three. Either way, a four is still a four, and it’s better than the zero of a blank piece of paper.