Retro Sketch

From a 2000 sketchbook: a page of random doodles, words, ink spots, and a few sketches done on the New York City Metro with sepia-toned fountain pen ink.

And no; I haven’t posted in two weeks. I got swallowed up by life’s general busyness, though I did kept the sketchbook open and the ink flowing. I’ve got some catching up to do, including admiring and commenting on all of the great artwork sitting in my WordPress Reader.


Lunch Lines

While scoping out new buildings to sketch, I witnessed a couple trying to squeeze a huge SUV into a small parking spot, right in front of a “Car2Go” Smart Car. A frustrated gentleman got out of his hulking vehicle, glanced at the tiny car, and grumbled that it was taking up, like, three spots.

“Forget the building” I though to myself, and drew the car and the quote instead.


Lunch Lines

I love bicycles, and Washington, DC has no shortage of them. When I step out for my lunchtime stroll, I see bicycles are all over the place, locked to bike racks, trees, traffic signs, etc. I decided to start sketching some of them, and here’s the first attempt; a mid-80s Trek 600 series sport-touring bike. As I found out, drawing the circles for the wheels, correctly catching the frame geometry and angles (especially getting all of the frame tubes to match up as the lines are being drawn), and getting the general perspective of the handlebars and front end of the bike relative to the rest of the is quite a challenge.