Sketchbook Shopping

I took a trip to the art supply store today to buy a new sketchbook (art supply stores are where artists lived before Apple stores came along.) When I started drawing again nine months ago, I wanted to get one of those fancy, hip, trendy Moleskine sketchbooks. However, I couldn’t see wasting money on a pricey little sketchbook for my severely-deteriorated drawing skills. Over the past decade, I’d spent well over a year, even more, filling up a sketchbook, so I settled on cheap 4×6 basic hardcover book. That little book carried me through a lot and brought me back to drawing. Now, with some of my drawing skills revived, I contemplated that hip little Moleskine again, but having got so much great mileage out of that inexpensive little 4×6 sketchbook, I bought another one. Here’s hoping I can fill it up fast with fun and good sketches and drawings. Wish me luck!

Drawing The Proverbial Band Aid

In conversation the other day, the analogy of a band aid being insufficiently used to treat a wound too large and too serious came up. Content of the conversation aside, this image popped into my head, so it was off to the café with a sketchbook and some pens to let the idea jump out of my head and onto paper (and for some coffee too, of course!)

Metro Drawings for a Busy Day

Busy day today, so in the meantime, here are some more sketches from the Washington, DC Metro. The first drawings follow the standard fare of simple black line work. The second are more experimental, as I enhanced the drawings with pencil, highlighters, and a few random drops of water to splay out the water-based ink lines from the fountain pen I use for sketching.

Fat Friday Drawing

Here’s a drawing I did after a rather large man stepped into an elevator with me. Not only was he rather large, but the lunch he was carrying didn’t seem to be helping his matters much. It was one of those meals from a deli buffet place, the kind you find in downtown urban business districts where one can heap together servings of meats, breads, salads, sides, desserts, and other sundry fare. His was contained in a large styrofoam container, held in a large plastic bag. The image practically drew itself.

Drawing in a Café

Having spent six months sketching almost daily on a train, I’d grown fluent in how to spot, compose, and detail a subject. Picking the right seat, selecting people who were bound to move as little as possible, and finding unique details (hair, pose, hands, clothing) to focus onto and render were all critical factors in creating a good character study.

Sketching in a café is a new area for me, and I’ve been learning a few things. The choice of seating is more dynamic and unpredictable. People move around much more, and are usually seated, so most times they’re partially obscured by tables, chairs, and laptops. In particular, beverages and laptops are defining details, unlike on a train, where iPhones, newspapers, and bags were the main accessories to a subject.

Here are two pages of drawings from a local café:

New Drawing

Lately there’s been a few stories in the news about women’s issues involving violence and discrimination. This image popped into my head after reading a few of them. The drawing does not point to any particular situation or culture, but rather is just a broad, yet vague, visual compilation of them all (nor am I trying to make a particular statement). Below is the initial pencil sketch, followed by a color exploration:

Train, Bus, Sketchbook

I had a meeting today, and the commute afforded me the chance to do some Metro sketching, plus my first time sketching on a bus. Sketching on the Metro is routine by now; find a seat affording the best views  and know which stops people generally board and leave the train. The bus, however, was completely new; where to sit, what angles to draw from, and how fast to draw.

The first drawing is from the Red Line on the Washington, DC Metro. The second is from the J2 bus line.

Monday Morning Fire-in-the-Belly

Here’s a drawing I did based on the whole concept of “Fire in the Belly”. It’s about that little burning source of internal motivational energy, though I also couldn’t help but to link it to Andy Schleck’s famous/infamous quote from the 2010 Tour de France. If you’re a pro cycling fan, then you know the quote. Otherwise, a good and happy work week to everybody. (and yes, I’m thinking about refining this drawing.)