Metro Art & Poetry

I don’t consider myself a poet, but sketching people almost daily on the Washington, DC Metro has made me a bit of an anthropologist into the ways, means, and whims of the Metro commuter. As I was drawing this individual on a sleepy, sparse train one early evening, this thought came to me, and I had to jot it down along with the sketch.

As this, and indeed, most of my posts are based on the Metro here in Washington, DC, I want to take this opportunity to wish good luck and say thanks in advanced to the WMATA employees whom will be working hard and overtime to protect and service the Metro system during the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy. Please be safe and please be careful.

Retro Sketch

Here’s a drawing I did in 1996 of a violinist in the Israeli city of Tzfat. I initially took a picture of him, then worked from the photo to do the rendering. This was shortly after my art school days (pre-digital), so my emphasis was on rendering flesh tones, coloring, and detail, but in glazed colored pencils rather than the more traditional oils and watercolors that were always pushed by the teachers at the time. Everything else was rendered in ink.

Retro Sketch

Here’s the first of a new series of postings titled “Retro Sketch”. These are pages from my older sketchbooks, which I compiled before I began this blog, including sketchbooks from before the days of sketch blogs in general.

This first piece is from 1996: an on-site sketch of the Machtesh Ramon in Israel’s Negev Desert. This was done with watercolors and watercolor pencils, and as I quickly discovered, working with water-based mediums in an arid desert is quite the challenge, as your water dries out rather quickly.