More Fun With A Ballpoint Pen

Here’s another drawing I did with the BiC 4-color ballpoint pen. As with the previous drawing, I stayed on the wrestling theme, this time influences by The Ramones’ wrestling-inspired song “The Crusher”. This is a quick picture of the final piece, and I’ll post a nicer, scanned version of the illustration when I get a chance.


Retro Sketch

Before I was carrying a small sketchbook and fountain pen on the Washington, DC Metro, I was carrying a slightly bigger sketchbook and a travel watercolor set on my hikes in upstate New York. Here are two of those sketches, both done in 2003. The first is a valley in Minnewaska State Park, near Gertrude’s Nose. The second is from Anthony’s Nose in Bear Mtn. State Park, looking south down the Hudson river towards Indian Point and New York City.

Pencil Lines Done; Let’s Ink!

Enjoying a day off from pushing pixels, so I’m pushing a pencil instead. Here is the final line drawing for the second drawing I’m doing with my four-color BiC ballpoint pen.

Like the previous drawing, this is also of a wrestler. The beauty of drawing is that sometimes the idea takes on a life of its own. The original idea came from a crude shape scrawled on a post-it note. As I was developing the lines and details, “The Crusher” – a cheeky song by The Ramones about a wrestler – popped into my head and gave me the ideas for the final details and overall scope of the drawing.

Which, of course, is today’s drawing lesson: listen to music, preferably punk rock, and you’ll always have a wellspring of extra thinking onto your creative process!


Retro Sketch

Drawn in 2003; I have a general disdain for cigarette smokers, and I drew this after seeing all of those ads for Marlboro Adventure Gear. Basically, based on how many packs of cigarettes you purchased, you could redeem them for points towards Marlboro-branded outdoors gear of the tough, rugged, mountain-adventurer variety. Problem was, if you smoked enough cigarettes, then you probably looked like the guy in this picture, and no matter how rugged and cool your outdoor cigarette-branded gear was, you probably couldn’t step over a mere rock before dropping to the ground, grasping your chest and wheezing for breath.