Metro Sketch

The more that I’d been incorporating markers into my sketching while on the train, the more I had decided to explore the medium a little bit. For this individual, whom had a rather shiny head, I decided to leave the highlight on his scalp simply as the paper showing through the swath of color.


Retro Sketch (First post-Tour de France Post!)

Well, I’m back after my annual summer Tour de France hiatus. No, I wasn’t actually in France, but I was glued to my television and iPhone daily for three weeks watching and following the Tour. And what a Tour it was; the 100th edition of this great race was nothing short of spectacular and historic. The route was stunningly beautiful, the stages brutal and epic, and the competition fierce and exciting. In the end, Christopher Froome, the lanky Englishman from Team Sky finally earned his Grand Tour win in a performance that was both commanding and class.

Of course, giving my life to the Tour for three weeks also meant giving up three weeks of blogging and drawing. I’ve got three weeks worth of awesomeness in my reader to catch up on, plus some new works to post. In the meantime, to ease myself back into blogging, here’s a page from a sketchbook back in 2000. The top drawing was inspired by the hyper-competitive work ethic in New York City at the time, and the bottom drawing was inspired by one of my umpteen hundred thousand trips on the NYC Subway.