Retro Sketch

These are from a sketchbook back in 2003. Both are graphic renditions, rendered in markers, of two aspects of Israeli culture. The first is a graphic take on the festival of Sukkot, where living and eating is done outdoors for seven days in a temporary shelter with a porous roof designed to let the skies show through a layer of reeds, bamboo, and vines. The second is a closeup of the tallit, loosely translated into English as a “prayer shawl”, and focuses in where the shawl meets the tzitzit – the four knotted group of strings at each corner, with the total number of knots adding up to 613 – one for each mitzva in the Torah. The tallit is generally white, with a blue striped pattern, though this is not a standard rule, rather, just a custom.



Metro Sketch

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted sketches done on the Washington, DC Metro. Here is a page of those sketches, mainly quick studies of arms, legs, hands, feet, and the rested, sleeping head of a Washingtonian blown out by an exhausting day of work in the Nation’s capital.


original drawing for pen and ink

My good friend and fellow FIT Illustration graduate Shimra Starr has just started blogging. She’s got oodles of raw talent and explores multiple styles. She’s got great technique and a real love for the art of illustration.


original drawing for pen and ink

Just to show you a bit of my work process, here is the original hand drawn in pencil. I then traced it in brush pen and that is the drawing you guys all saw a few days ago. as you can see I couldn’t fit it all on one piece of paper and used another to fit the rest of the lady’s hair.

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Public Interest Design Visual Notes

A former mapping colleague of mine was recently mentioned amongst the 100 notable people in Public Interest Design (PID). I’d never heard of PID before, but it sounded interesting enough, and they have a website with a link to a TED Talk about PID by Sami Nerenberg of Design for America. Deciding to kill two birds with one stone (or, one sketchbook and two pens), I used the TED Talk both to learn about PID and to do some visual note taking (“sketchnoting”). PID is actually pretty interesting, and here’s what I came up with:



Another Ballpoint Pen Drawing

Here is the second drawing I did with my BiC 4-color ballpoint pen. Like the previous drawing, this was also done into a 5×8 sketchbook, this time based on a more-developed pencil drawing. And like the previous drawing, I’ve again gone the route of pro wrestling, only this time inspired by “The Crusher”, song about a wrestler by The Ramones.