Farm Sketch

After extensively sketching the urban architecture of Washington, DC, I figured I would take a shot at rural architecture while visiting a farm in suburban Maryland. I thought that this would be pretty easy, but I was rather mistaken; while I had developed a visual and aesthetic fluency in the architecture of historic urban neighborhood buildings, rural farming structures were something totally different, and were more challenging than I thought (I also had limited time to do these sketches.) Hopefully, I’ll get back to attempt these again some day.

Farm1_web Farm2_web

Metro Sketch

Full frontal/facial sketches are some of the most challenging sketches to attempt on the Metro; while I try to be discrete and respectful of the people I sketch, sketching people sitting directly across from me presents the greatest risk of being noticed. Generally, though, these people are either asleep or too fully focused on their devices to notice me. Of course, there’s always that other challenge; on-boarding passengers unknowingly blocking your view and pretty much ending the sketching session.



So after three years and almost six sketchbooks later, I finally bought a Moleskine! Do I really need one? Probably not, though I’ve always been intrigued by them, so when Moleskines went on sale at the local art supply store (they NEVER go on sale!), I pounced. Of course, as per my own rule, I need to first fill out my current sketchbooks before embarking on these premium 3″x5″ cream-colored pages. Stay tuned…


Blue Hipster Lumberjack

Here’s a rather hipster-looking lumberjack I doodled while I was in the process of saving some very large files. Basically, somebody left a blue Pilot V7 RazorPoint pen on my desk, there was a piece of paper next to my keyboard and while the spinning beach ball of death was doing its thing (Mac users know what I mean), I scrawled out a face, and the rest of the guy just followed.


Cafe Night

As I slowly get back into blogging, here’s another look at what I’m working on, while sitting at one of the many Ethiopian cafés in the DC area (damn good coffee!). On the left is a new pro wrestling-themed drawing done with a 4-color BiC ballpoint pen – and yes; aside from pro cycling, pro wrestling is the greatest sport ever. To the right is an out-of-my head building, inspired by some of the different buildings that I’ve actually sketched here in DC. I have a little series of these going on; simple linear affairs on a singular plane of color to best match the feel of the structure.