OBX Brewery Sketchnotes

For me, visiting breweries is never complete without sketchnoting new beers. On a recent vacation to the Outer Banks beaches of North Carolina, I visit the Outer Banks Brewing Station, where I took sketchnotes on two new beers, including one the best beers I’ve ever had. While the Lemongrass Wheat Ale was a unique and enjoyable take on wheat beers, it was the Brewer’s Reserve Lucky 7 Sour Blend that completely rocked my beer-drinking world. As an aficionado of tart and sour ales, this one-off cask ale was creamy and silky-smooth, and vinous with a perfectly-balanced sweet and sour complexity that transitioned wonderfully from nose to palette to finish. It was the kind of beer that I could see being rated 100 by Beer Advocate, and in realizing that I was enjoying this extremely limited and obscure beer, I drank only one glass to fully embrace and remember the experience, allowing my sketchnotes record it for prosperity.

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