Spark & Go!

Building on my previous post, where I decided to grasp at the few random creative influences available to me as a work-from-home freelancer, I’ve coined a phrase for this approach: “Spark & Go!” What this means is that with limited exposure to real-world creative influences on a daily basis, any immediate inspiration, no matter how seemingly profound or insignificant, becomes fair game for creative exploration.

Working with this theme, I did this drawing of homeless person, whom I spotted amongst the crowds outside of baseball stadium. Amongst the dynamic hustle and bustle of the fans, she stood lost and statuesque; her muted and soiled clothing her weathered masonry, and her possessions her only shelter, a far cry from the homes that we fans would return to after the game. She caught my eye for just a moment, but her presence was enough to make an impression that, as an illustrator, I simply wanted to draw through my own personal interpretation. Her possessions were what sparked my thinking, the notion that those bags were the closest semblance she had to a home.

So what to do when in a creative rut? Well, you can wait for grand and elaborate inspirations to conveniently come your way, or simply hit on the first spark presented to you, and go with it. That’s what I did here, which allowed me an opportunity to fill up a sketchbook page, and to explore color, character, and a few new stylistic approaches.


2 thoughts on “Spark & Go!”

  1. She was very stark; some people pass merely as…well…people. Others, however, at a glance just seem to exude outward stories and realities. It was just something about her, and in particular, the bags she was carrying. The baseball game that evening was postponed due to rain, and when I saw her, there were very ominous rain clouds gathering overhead. We had paid shelter to escape to; she only had her bags, and whatever overhang she could find.

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