Blue Whale Drawing

I grew up on the north shore of Long Island (pronounced “Lawnguyland”), which has a rich history of seafaring, ship building, and whaling. Naturally, these elements factored much into my childhood drawings and imagination. As I grew up, these elements faded from my artwork, but never from my memories. Recently, I’ve been watching Finding Nemo with my young children and a few shows about Arctic life, where whales are a culturally prominent. Hence, I was bound to start drawing whales again. Of course, having not drawn whales in some time, I had to do a little research to remember how to draw blue, right, bowhead, sperm, humpback, belga, and narwhales. Here’s a blue whale I drew today while killing time in a cafĂ©, my first attempt at baleen, blubber, flukes, and blowholes in a very long time.