Metro Sketch

From the perspective of an urban sketcher riding commuter trains like Washington, DC Metro, smartphones are a wonderful thing. Not only do they render people to become still and poised life drawing models, but the mere holding of the device allows for great practice drawing hands, perhaps the most challenging anatomical features to draw.


Metro Sketch

Sketching on the Washington, DC Metro usually has to be done fast, and when such is the case, something is bound to go wrong. In this case, it was the rendering on this lady’s neck, where, in the chase to record her very Washingtonian hair, facial expression, clothing and accessory ensemble, and color palette, I had inadvertently given this poor, yet obviously healthy woman, the neck of somebody perhaps a little heavier than she.


Metro Sketch

Here’s a cavalcade of faces and half-faces sketched on the Washington, DC Metro. While I generally care to only sketch people and focus on unique features, sometimes somebody on the train utters something that is just so characteristically Washingtonian that I need to write it down to remind myself of where I live and work.


Metro Sketch

In an attempt to sketch as much as possible, I sketch both on my way too and from work when I take the train. These two pages show a day of doing as such, and if you’ve been following my Metro sketches, which are sometimes denoted with “AM Commute” or “PM Commute”, then you can judge for yourself if the people I sketch in the mornings seem a little more lively than those sketched in the evenings.


The Georgetowner

Washington DC is not generally known as a fashionable city, but the high-level government and legal jobs here, as well as the spotlight socialites, do demand sophistication in wardrobe. When Washingtonians get fashion right, it’s an impressive sight, but when they get it wrong, it’s usually a disaster, and nobody gets it wrong more than the Georgetowners. Granted, Georgetowners are rather nice people, but the moneyed-up and tony neighborhood, home to lobbyists, pundits, and societal elites, has a strange penchant for matching the likes of plaid golf shorts to buttoned-up shirts, pink embellishments, and casual footwear like boat shoes and flip-flops. I saw one such specimen, whom had obviously escaped the wilds of Georgetown, on the prowl in the slightly hipper West End/DuPont Cirlce area, and I just had to draw him.