Pencil Lines

Here’s a new piece I’m working on in a 5″ x 8″ sketchbook. Similar to the cityscape drawing I previously did, the piece is completely out of my head, thought based on different structures I’ve seen over time. These are the relatively final pencil lines, and next up is the ink. Wish me luck!


Cityscape Drawing

Here is the final scan of a drawing I just completed in a 5″ x 8″ sketchbook. After spending a year sketching buildings in the West End neighborhood of Washington, DC, I found myself increasingly doodling small buildings while on the phone or waiting for large files to save. These little doodles led to small compositions of little buildings, and soon I was increasingly drawing little imaginary cityscapes. Eventually, I decided to produce a larger, polished version of one of these cityscapes. The initial layout was penciled at home, then refined and inked at various Meetup drawing groups in the city, as well as during occasional coffee breaks at cafés all over the DC area.


Retro Sketch

I don’t remember exactly which year I did this drawing, though it was definitely before a wise man at the art supply store told me that I should always date the pages in my sketchbooks. This drawing was most likely during the recession of 2008, when jobs became scarce, money became tight, and I was trying to deal with all of the frustrations at a cafe where the air conditioning was cranked up to freezing!


Retro Sketch

This is from a sketchbook, which I started back in 2009. Not very long ago, compared to other sketchbooks featured in the Retro Sketch postings, but significant none the less; towards the end of this book, almost two years after it was purchased, I finally decided to return to drawing and illustration as a serious endeavor. Up until that point, I had all but abandoned the art forms, and the earlier sections of this book reflect as much. The page shown here started with some weak scrawling of a “broken/destroyed heart” icon, based on a hearing about a relationship that had come to an abrupt and disconcerting end. Not going anywhere with that, I tried a few sketches of people at the cafe, but without much interest. Finally, I relied on my old fallback; a freehand bicycle drawing (let’s see how many cyclists/bike fanatics pick up on the details…)


Sketchbook Drawing: Progress

Here’s a drawing shaping up in one of my sketchbooks: an imaginary cityscape, something of which I have been drawing quite a lot of lately. After a year spent sketching buildings here in Washington, DC, I started doodling little imaginary buildings while on phone calls, coffee breaks, and waiting for large graphic files to save. I soon progressed to doodling a few more of these buildings into imaginary cityscapes, with details culled from my local urban sketches. I decided that I wanted to do a more polished version of these doodles, and finding a 6″ x 8″ sketchbook laying around in a freecycle area was my inventive to give it a go. I’ve since been working on this drawing little by little, completing sections during various drawing Meetup groups here in DC.


Ugly Sketchbook

It’s been a while since I posted anything from my Ugly Sketchbook. The Ugly Sketchbook, as you may remember – and I don’t blame you if you don’t, since I haven’t posted much lately – is the small 3″ x 5″ sketchpad that I keep on hand for quick drawings, scrawlings, doodles, and whatnots. The Ugly Sketchbook is not a Moleskine; it was the cheapest sketchpad in the whole art supply store, so it’s an anything-goes kind of sketchbook in regards to quality and content.

Here’s something that I scrawled while waiting for a massive Photoshop file to save. I wanted to play with my 4-color BiC ballpoint pen, and for some reason, this popped into my head.


I hate cigarettes, and how anybody can find them sexy is beyond me. The notion of kissing a cigarette smoker is akin to licking a nicotine and tar-stained ashtray.


The subject of Google Glass came up in a meeting, and I fear a future where hipsters get their hands of these…


Catching Up and Falling Behind

Where do I begin? I’ve gone from posting weekly here on Sketchbook Warrior, to barely posting anything over the past few months. The year started off busier than expected, shifting priority away from blogging, and towards client work. As much as I enjoy client projects, I also enjoy blogging, and though Sketchbook Warrior has slowed down, it’s not done, and there’s more to come. I’ve had a few moments to peer over at my WordPress Reader, and realize that there is long queue of awesomeness to look at and comment on. I also want to welcome and thank the new followers, whom are bringing even more awesomeness into this WordPress network and community.

In the meantime, I’ve been hammering away at my sketchbooks, working on more buildings, more people, more doodles, and exploring freehand creative work. I have a backlog of work to post, including drawings like the one seen below.

As always, thanks for visiting Sketchbook Warrior, and I look forward to bringing you more sketchbook pages to enjoy.


Lunch Lines

I spent the past year sketching buildings and street details all over the West End neighborhood of Washington, DC, during my lunchtime strolls. While this skill – “urban sketching” – eventually became relatively well-practiced over time, I still had some days where I was still very much in the experimental stages. Such is the case below, where I did a quick 20-minute sketch with ink and markers of a scene based on a construction crane. Not as well-developed as the sketches that I did after this one, but the goal was simple; sketch enough of a capture of the scene that whenever I look at it, my memories of the moment fill in the missing details.


Retro Sketch

Here’s a drawing I did during the “Great Recession” of 2008, when I – along with pretty much everybody else – was amongst the vast legions of the newly unemployed. These were trying times, and everybody in their best of intentions showed every bit of care and concern they could to others, and best as we could, we all did our best to hold our pride and constitutions together, challenging as it was.

BTW, you’ve probably noticed my sporadic frequency of posting sketches and interacting with all of the great blogs out here on WordPress. I’ve been pretty busy lately, all in good ways, but busy none the less. I’ll eventually get back on here more frequently.