Catch-up Sketches…

I haven’t posted in weeks as I’ve been involved on a large production project. Coupled with the Tour de France, summertime fun, family, and now the Olympics (cycling), I pretty much checked-out for a little while to take a much-needed break. Of course, my pen didn’t stop moving and I finished-up my latest 4×6 sketchbook. Here are some catchup sketches, and there’s more on the way.

Office Drawings

Being a production designer means that sometimes I have to clean up some real digital disasters. So what’s a production designer with an itchy drawing hand supposed to do while waiting for that overloaded, poorly-assembled 500 MB file to open? Well, you can draw pictures. Here’s some quick drawings I did of a really obese guy I saw (which lead to this drawing), and a cigarette smoker, which I also plan to develop.