iPhone Addiction Drawing

I’m addicted to my iPhone, and it’s not good; zoned into my iPhone, I’ve almost missed my stops on the Metro, found myself going to bed and fumbling around with the iPhone before realizing that it was two in the morning, and more than once found myself tuning out family and friends to check and recheck and re-recheck Facebook, email, Facebook, cycling, Behance, Facebook, WordPress, and Facebook. I’ve come to accept my addiction, and to better understand my condition, I drew a picture about it in my 5″ x 8″ sketchbook. Below is the final drawing, as well as some shots (taken with my iPhone) of the drawing’s progress.


Phone_Drawing_1_web Phone_Drawing_2_web Phone_Drawing_3_web Phone_Drawing_4_web Phone_Drawing_5_web Phone_Drawing_6_web