Sketchnote Practice

Recently I’ve also been making forays in to the disciplines of graphic recording and sketchnoting. If you’ve never heard of or seen graphic recording or sketchnoting before, they’re worth the Google search.

Here are some practice sketchnotes I made from NPR podcasts, and I’ve recently enrolled in the Alphachimp Studios graphic recording course, which has been great fun, incredibly challenging, and an excellent foundation for me to continue pursuing the truly awesome disciplines that are graphic recording and sketchnoting.

Metro Sketches and Highlighters

Aside from my love of sketchbook art, I also love graphic recording, where highlighter-style markers play a large part into the palette of this amazing art form. Here’s a page from my sketchbook, which I use for drawing people on the Washington, DC Metro. After doing these quick sketches with my trusty fountain pen during a morning commute, I embellished the drawings later in the day with highlighters found laying around my desk, inspired by the background stylings sometimes found in the artistic output of graphic recording sessions.