Lunch Lines

Here’s a bike I’ve sketched once before, and since it was one of the first bikes I’d sketched, I knew I had a lot of practicing still to do (even though I’m a hardcore cyclist!). Luckily, I see this bike locked-up all of the time outside of my office, so I took another crack at this bike – a late-80s bonded aluminum Raleigh Technium with first-generation Shimano 105 components – after having practiced a few other bikes first.


Lunch Lines

Here’s a bike I sketched during a lunchtime stroll. This older department store single speed townie is a far cry from some of the higher-end bikes found locked-up on the sidewalks of Washington, DC, but if you love bicycles, then there is something to appreciate in the simple green form if this particular ride.


Retro Sketch (First post-Tour de France Post!)

Well, I’m back after my annual summer Tour de France hiatus. No, I wasn’t actually in France, but I was glued to my television and iPhone daily for three weeks watching and following the Tour. And what a Tour it was; the 100th edition of this great race was nothing short of spectacular and historic. The route was stunningly beautiful, the stages brutal and epic, and the competition fierce and exciting. In the end, Christopher Froome, the lanky Englishman from Team Sky finally earned his Grand Tour win in a performance that was both commanding and class.

Of course, giving my life to the Tour for three weeks also meant giving up three weeks of blogging and drawing. I’ve got three weeks worth of awesomeness in my reader to catch up on, plus some new works to post. In the meantime, to ease myself back into blogging, here’s a page from a sketchbook back in 2000. The top drawing was inspired by the hyper-competitive work ethic in New York City at the time, and the bottom drawing was inspired by one of my umpteen hundred thousand trips on the NYC Subway.


Lunch Lines

I like to quickly sketch bikes I see locked up outside of the surrounding office buildings during my lunchtime strolls. One bike I see often is this black Bottecchia, which has been retrofitted into a rather ungainly urban fixie commuter. Whomever rides it is either very ungainly themselves, or just content with riding a too-tall frame with a too-long stem (a nice mid-90s Cinelli) and very low seat (Brooks). This once classic Italian race bike is also defiled with white Velocity Deep-V rims and blue tires. This is a rather sloppy sketch, but then again, it’s a sketch of a rather sloppy bike.


Lunch Lines

I love bicycles, and Washington, DC has no shortage of them. When I step out for my lunchtime stroll, I see bicycles are all over the place, locked to bike racks, trees, traffic signs, etc. I decided to start sketching some of them, and here’s the first attempt; a mid-80s Trek 600 series sport-touring bike. As I found out, drawing the circles for the wheels, correctly catching the frame geometry and angles (especially getting all of the frame tubes to match up as the lines are being drawn), and getting the general perspective of the handlebars and front end of the bike relative to the rest of the is quite a challenge.


Retro Sketch

This is from a 2004 sketchbook. I’m a huge cycling fan, hardcore cyclist, and lover of all things cycling, and as an artist, I even draw them as well. Of course, bicycles are very technical subjects to draw, though the beauty of drawing is that you don’t have to draw things right to draw them good. When drawing bicycles, I put the rulers, compasses, protractors, and MACs away, and just draw from detail to detail, line to line, and shape to shape, simply focusing on the visuals and aesthetics that I love about bicycles. Here’s a drawing of a fixed-gear track bike, the workhorse of New York City bike messengers, and quite ubiquitous on the streets, in the traffic, and locked-up all over the city.


No Metro Monday Sketches.

Last year when I crashed on a training ride (I race bikes), I recorded my injury with a drawing. Nine months later, the injury has come back to bite me (broken toe, toenail fell off, new nail grew in, but needed to be trimmed as it’s ingrown. Translation: cringe and ouch!). I had a little surgery this morning and I’m recovering at home, so I won’t be a sketchbook warrior today. In the meantime, here are some sketches from a few months back.