Pro Wrestling Ballpoint Pen Drawing

Aside from pro cycling, pro wrestling is the best sport in the world. I’ve been a big fan of pro wrestling my whole life, and make no apologies about that (I watch WWE Monday Night Raw quite often, though in my heart, it will always be the WWF!). When I picked up a BiC 4-color ballpoint pen on to use as an experimental drawing tool, I knew that it was created to draw pro wrestling, as seen below (I also have similar drawings here on my Behance site; scroll to the bottom of the gallery to see the wrestling drawings).



4 thoughts on “Pro Wrestling Ballpoint Pen Drawing”

  1. Great drawing. I too was a wresting fan Saw Freddie Blassie and a lot of the greats at the Olympic Auditorium in LA during the early 60’s: probably before your time.

    1. Thanks, and yeah; my wrestling fandom began in the very early 80s. I was at a friend’s house, and WWF was on. Brett “the hit man” Hart and Jim “the anvil” Neidhart were teamed up for some tag-team action, and then the likes of Hulk Hogan, Big John Stud, Andre the Giant, and George “the animal” Steele came on, and by then I was captivated. It’s like a big soap opera for guys, done with the best intentional “bad acting” around, yet the visual and spectacle is just awesome.

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