When Hipster Zombies Attack

Here’s a drawing done recently at our DC Drink ‘n Draw Meetup group. The evening’s theme was “When Hipster Zombies Attack”, which was relatively easy to do since Washington, DC has its fair share of hipsters, and as both a hardcore cyclist and punk rock aficionado myself – though not a hipster! – I had to work both of those into the theme (hence the mention of DC hardcore legends Minor Threat). While I may be a slow methodical perfectionist, this drawing was done in about two hours. I was planning on inking it in, but I found myself simply having too much fun with the pencil. DC Drink ‘n Draw is a great group of artists, and a great group of people; we meet at various bars around the city and enjoy good beer and banter while working away into our sketchbooks – a creative oasis in the middle of a city saturated in politics, business, and general legalese.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody; see you all next week, and if you get too fat from eating turkey, go ride a bike to burn off the weight.


9 thoughts on “When Hipster Zombies Attack”

    1. The group is a great idea, and you can totally replicate it in almost any city or town. Ours is organized through Meetup.com, which is a great tool for building communities for almost anything, including gatherings for people whom simply like to draw and have a few beers.

    1. Thanks, and good to hear that there are more groups like this out there. Our group started just less than a year ago, and we went from ten timid people with sketchbooks to 40 eager and enthusiastic people doing great work. DC is not known as a town for creatives, so this group has done a great job of bringing creative folks out of the woodwork and together as a community.

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