Jack Rose Saloon Sketch for Maga Design

In 2013, Maga Design Group contracted me to sketch the bar at the Jack Rose Saloon for their annual holiday party’s invitations and collateral. To sketch this illustrious Washington, DC pub, which houses perhaps the largest whisky collection in the world, I sought advice from the master of sketching bars and pubs, Pete Scully. Following Pete’s advice, I spent two nights sitting at the bar sketching everything in sight (and enjoying some excellent craft beers!). For the full story and process shots of the sketch, check out this gallery on my Behance.

jackrose_600_web jackrose_600_detail_1_web jackrose_600_detail_2_web jackrose_600_detail_3_web

12 thoughts on “Jack Rose Saloon Sketch for Maga Design”

  1. Great drawing. Thanks for sharing your drawing sequence. I like seeing others work styles. And, yes Pete Scully is the master! I’ve enjoyed following his blog.

  2. Thank you for sharing your process. It’s a real virtuoso piece. I generally sketch using the continuous line method which is fine with people but I find inadequate with interiors so I’ll be taking this on board.

    1. Thanks; a lot of the technique (and the reason I was selected to do this piece) came from sketching some of the architecturally complex buildings here in DC. I lot of pre-mapping went into this sketch, and it was a combination of penciling in an area, inking it in, and then moving onto the next section.

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