Retro Sketch

Back in 2009, doodling hipster bike messengers into my sketchbook (or even just hipsters styling themselves as bike messengers – can you really tell the difference?) No photo reference for these; just working it out of my cycling-saturated head. Did a loose freehand sketch, then developed the theme over the next two pages of a 4″ x 6″ sketchbook.

Retro_3a_web Retro_3b_web Retro_3c_web

11 thoughts on “Retro Sketch”

  1. It might look so cool but it’s such a tough job when you do it…I still feel slightly jealous seeing those guys wheezing past even if I know how much I hated cycling in the rain, traffic, being cold and having no money …nice drawing though!

    1. I’ve met a few bike messengers, not an easy job, but some live and swear by it. One of the toughest cyclists in DC happens to be a bike messenger, and basically slays people on the weekend group rides.

    1. Yeah; DC is big on hipster cycling, and it’s almost like a uniform to have the pants set low, weighed down by a U-lock. I’m always caught behind these guys while I’m on the bike lines riding out of the city into the countryside.

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