Checking In

“What happened to that Sketchbook Warrior guy? He hasn’t posted in, like, forever!”

Right you are; the year got off to a busy start with client projects. Then it got even busier with non-client projects (home, family, cycling, summer). Still, I’ve kept the pens and pencils moving, and the pages of the sketchbooks filling up. And now, as the cold, dark days of autumn and winter descend upon us, I plan to get back to more posting, and checking out the awesomeness that you all offer up on the WordPress reader.

In the meantime, here’s a sample of what I’ve been working on, which is taking shape in a 5″x8″, and about to get inked




6 thoughts on “Checking In”

    1. Thanks, good to be back (albeit slowly getting back into it). Need to get back to checking out my reader, missing too much good stuff. I still have a few sheets of mystery watercolor paper that I’d love to send to you and see the results.

    1. Thanks! And yeah, when it comes to relearning how to draw, there was a period of almost eight years where I hadn’t drawn seriously. To remedy that, I bought a cheap sketchbook, one pen, and unleashed mayhem on the pages, which eventually got me back into practice.

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