Retro Sketch

This drawing was done around 2009. I was scrawling away in a cafe, and decided to draw a bicycle, which is one of my “when there’s nothing else to draw…” themes. Being that it was the summer, also known as “Tour de France time”, I decided to have some fun and draw one of the $10,000+ carbon fiber stealth time trial bikes as used by the pro peleton, though you’ll also see a dentist on the Sunday morning shop ride with a bike like this. And yes; my fellow hardcore cyclists will probably know from which actual bikes and gear I styled this bike after.

BTW, speaking of “Le Tour”, I’ve been busy watching the race (damn good thing I didn’t put down money on this year’s edition). The race concludes this Sunday in Paris, so I’ll be back to posting more sketches and drawings afterwards.


7 thoughts on “Retro Sketch”

    1. Contador is looking the best, he’s got the right kind of time gaps in the GC to take it to the end. I don’t think the injuries from the Tour were enough to set these guys back for the Vuelta. If there was a longer ITT at the end of the race, I’d say that the upper tiers of the GC could get knocked around, but in this case, six miles won’t make much of a difference. However, don’t expect Froome or Valverde to give up without a fight.

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