Cityscape Drawing

Here is the final scan of a drawing I just completed in a 5″ x 8″ sketchbook. After spending a year sketching buildings in the West End neighborhood of Washington, DC, I found myself increasingly doodling small buildings while on the phone or waiting for large files to save. These little doodles led to small compositions of little buildings, and soon I was increasingly drawing little imaginary cityscapes. Eventually, I decided to produce a larger, polished version of one of these cityscapes. The initial layout was penciled at home, then refined and inked at various Meetup drawing groups in the city, as well as during occasional coffee breaks at cafés all over the DC area.


16 thoughts on “Cityscape Drawing”

    1. Thanks; this definitely brought in many different sources of memory and inspiration. Some of the architecture is from Washington, DC, but much of it is actually from industrial areas Long Island and New York City.

    1. Thanks; this was definitely a joy – and quite a challenge – to do, but I’m glad everybody likes the results. That’s what my art and drawing is all about; producing something in the end that people simply enjoy looking at.

  1. […] Cityscape Drawing Der Sketchbook Warrior sorgt sowieso regelmäßig dafür, dass ich extrem viel Bock habe wieder regelmäßig ein Skizzenbuch mit mit rumzutragen. Leider hat sich das in den letzten Wochen nicht so gut umsetzen lassen wie ich wollte. Aber! Nichtsdestotrotz begeistern mich seine Werke umso mehr. […]

    1. Thanks! A lot of work went into this (and a lot of ink, plus a few beers), but I always enjoy producing complex drawings like this for people to enjoy. There’s going to be more of these drawings to come in the future…

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