Ugly Sketchbook

More pages from my cheap, anything-goes 3″ x 5″ pocket sketchpad, which I’ve dubbed “Ugly Sketchbook”: These little doodles were actually the first time I had decided to draw buildings out of my head after spending a year intensively sketching buildings and architecture in Washington, DC. The first page is significant; in the lower left corner, I quickly scrawled a building, then realized I did it so fast that the result was of no redeeming visual value. Over to the right of it, I slowed my pen down, gave a little more thought, and came up with a doodled building with a much better perspective and whimsical style.

US_8 US_9 US_10

8 thoughts on “Ugly Sketchbook”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I love the idea of a special “Ugly Sketchbook”. This is one way for an artist to give him/herself permission to create things that they think are ugly, permission to make mistakes.

    1. Thanks; “ugly” is a word that needs to be used more in art. A new term, “ugly babies” – which connotes the early experimental stages of complex design and graphic projects – is being used more and more in the creative industry. And for me as a perfectionist, embracing “ugly” has allowed the right side of my brain to have more of a day against the overwhelming left side!

    1. Thanks; for this sketchbook, I’ve been using an old (yet recently reintroduced) Pilot Razer, along with Pilot Flair pens. They’re all office-grade pens – totally not waterproof ink – but they are fun to draw and doodle with, and don’t lull me into a sense of seriousness like I get with my “fancier” pens like Pigma Microns.

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