Metro Sketch

When sketching people on a busy commuter train, some days you just get lucky; this gentleman, with perfectly-coiffed hair, simple demeanor, and conservative wardrobe (including those cool wrap-arond earmuffs), slept still and poised for the duration of my commute. Best of all, my line of sight to him was at no time blocked as the train took on additional passengers.


4 thoughts on “Metro Sketch”

    1. Thanks; part of the line quality is due to the pen I use, which is a Lamy Safari fountain pen. The extra fine-point steel nib allows me to press down harder on the paper than a felt tip pen like a Pigma Micron, which is important when sketching on a roughy, bouncing train like the Washington, DC Metro.

    1. I don’t get too many days like this on the Metro, so I do at least walk away with a smile and sketch I’m happy with. Sketching in the Metro can go frustratingly wrong, especially when a good drawing subject gets blocked by another passenger, or most if the times, the passengers handbag or backpack.

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