Sketchbook Drawing: Progress

Here’s a drawing shaping up in one of my sketchbooks: an imaginary cityscape, something of which I have been drawing quite a lot of lately. After a year spent sketching buildings here in Washington, DC, I started doodling little imaginary buildings while on phone calls, coffee breaks, and waiting for large graphic files to save. I soon progressed to doodling a few more of these buildings into imaginary cityscapes, with details culled from my local urban sketches. I decided that I wanted to do a more polished version of these doodles, and finding a 6″ x 8″ sketchbook laying around in a freecycle area was my inventive to give it a go. I’ve since been working on this drawing little by little, completing sections during various drawing Meetup groups here in DC.


12 thoughts on “Sketchbook Drawing: Progress”

    1. Very much like DC; in the business district, there is almost no architectural consistency, so you’ll have a pub, housed in an old rowhouse structure, sandwiched between a glass and metal building to one side, and a marble-columned government building to the other.

  1. Very creative! Love how you feel like you are in the city looking up, and wouldn’t have known it was imaginary! Good work!!

    1. Thanks; I’ll be eventually posting an earlier sketch that inspired this piece. There’s a lot of construction in DC right now, so I had to draw the cranes, which are all over the place.

  2. Woaah! These cityscape drawings are superb! I’ve never learned to draw on sketchbooks. Maybe I should force myself to start doing it.

    1. Thank you; and yeah – sketchbooks are certainly one of art’s most underrated canvases. There fun part is that there are so many style of sketchbooks to choose from that you’ll find the one that will fit your style the best. Definitely give it a go and post up what you draw/sketch/doodle!

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