Metro Sketch

Some more sketches of people on the Washington, DC Metro, and just in case you were wondering, no; people really don’t smile too much on the Metro (followers and guests of Sketchbook Warrior have actually asked me about this…) Without waxing anthropologically, I can tell you that the masses commuting into DC in the morning are usually vey tired, somewhat defeated, and stare blankly into space as they contemplate another day in the DC political battlefield. They may be virtually catatonic, but they sure do make for some great life drawing practice.

Sketch_18_web Sketch_19_web Sketch_20_web

2 thoughts on “Metro Sketch”

  1. These sketches just get better and better. Haven’t visited for a while so was so pleased with seeing these Jason. I used to do the same until the carriage was so busy it proved impossible to get the space. Keep ‘ em coming :))

  2. Thanks; I’ve actually not sketched on the Metro as of late; after two years of doing so, I spent the last year sketching on the streets of DC, and only recently started to sketch on the train again. Glad you enjoy them.

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