Process: Bayou Sketch

As I progressed more and more into sketching some of the very detailed and characteristic buildings here in Washington, DC, I knew that I was throwing myself out of my comfort zone and into some real sketching challenges. This building in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood here in Washington, DC just screamed “complexity”, and I really had to approach this sketch with a degree of process in order to not get lost in the details, keep everything relatively squared-up, and capture the rich architectural detailing of this most interesting building. This was done straight with a cheap gel pen; no pre-sketching with a pencil, so I had to focus intensively on sighting size and scale relationships.


IMG_1957 IMG_1967 IMG_1970 IMG_1974 IMG_1979 IMG_1980 IMG_1985


8 thoughts on “Process: Bayou Sketch”

  1. Great job! Going “no pre-sketching” is what makes it YOU. But it is like working without a net! Ha! Love it.

  2. Thanks all. The Pen I used was a cheap gel pen, basically the least expensive that I could find at the supermarket (milk, eggs, bread, drawing tools!) Part of my want to use the pen was inspired by the gel pens used by leading sketchnote artist Mike Rohdes, though. I’ve since switched to Pigma Micron pens for urban sketching and a felt-tipped pens for sketchnoting.

  3. I don’t visit my WordPress reader enough…it’s hard to keep up with everything that’s going on, on blogs I like. Amazed, as always, by how prolific you’ve been…I love your houses as much as your Metro people. So much character in these buildings. I love me a good white gel pen, myself.

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