Metro Sketch

When sketching on the Washington, DC Metro, I sometimes come away with a nice capture of a full person, their detailing and personality, or even a rich color study. Other days, though, I come away with bits and pieces of people, half-drawn poses, or a mangled-mess of heads, hands, and faces. I have a name for pages like these; I call them “practice”, and between every page containing a Behance-worty sketch, there are tons of pages that look like the ones below, with the former not being possible without the latter.

Sketch_18_web Sketch_19_web Sketch_20_web Sketch_21_web Sketch_22_web

5 thoughts on “Metro Sketch”

    1. Thanks Joanne; welcome aboard, and glad you’re enjoying the sketches, and in particular, the whales. I’m a native Long Islander, where the north shore is steeped in whaling history, and we all grew up with the stories and imagery. I’m in a bit of a posting lull right now, but I’ll be posting more frequently over the coming weeks. Enjoy!

  1. Hi Jason,
    I’m totally in ♥ with your Behance sketchnotes gel pen with blue or any other colour highligths.
    If you would offer online classes, I would join it immediately 🙂

    Happy greets from Munich,

    1. Thanks Tina! Sketchnoting is a growing discipline in the graphic art world, though still relatively nascent, so now is a great time to jump in and explore it. Alphachimp Studios offers a great introductory course for the basics of sketchnoting and graphic recording, which they call their “Rockstar Scribe” course. I took it, and it’s a fantastic foundation course. Also, Mike Rohde is considered one of the leaders in the field of sketchnoting, and his website is a great source of information ( Ultimately, though, it just comes down to practice. People generally start by playing TED Talks, and taking visual notes as they go along. Good luck, and please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have.

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