Retro Sketch

When I want to draw simply for the sake of drawing, I work from a few go-to subject matters that I always keep in mind. One of them is bicycles, which I’ll draw from my mind, completely freehand, and without the aid of rulers or protractors. I’ll start at a particular feature, like a brake lever or a crankset, and branch out from there. I’m not sure when I drew this bicycle, probably back in 2009. If you know (read: obsess over) bicycles, then you can probably tell that this is some townie singlespeed, and can pick out the Chris King headset.


7 thoughts on “Retro Sketch”

    1. Thanks; I actually am a bit of a shaky person, so I like to use pens with sturdier drawing nibs. I’m fine with everything down to an 01 Pigma Micron pen or a 0.5 pencil, bit anything smaller than that would get crushed.

    1. Thanks; and yeah – I’m completely bike-obsessed, so I always have an endless mental catalogue of bikes and parts to draw from. The real challenge – and fun – in drawing these bikes is that even though bikes are very technical, I’m drawing them loose and freehand.

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