Lunch Lines

Washington, DC has some beautifully stately buildings of remarkable grandeur and international renown. It also has some pretty ugly buildings tucked into the many neighborhoods in the city. Of course, ride by the White House or spot the Capital Dome on a daily basis, and you start to appreciate the unique character of the ugly buildings. This building in the West End/Foggy Bottom neighborhood is one such specimen. It’ll never make a postcard, and no tourist will ever gawk at it, but this white building with a stark red exhaust pipe running up the side more than deserves a spot in the sketchbook of at least one urban sketcher, and I enjoyed capturing it little by little each day during my lunchtime strolls.




3 thoughts on “Lunch Lines”

  1. Nice one! I like stopping to examine buildings like this one in my city that go unnoticed everyday. They may not be the most beautiful, but it’s nice to appreciate them for their own character, notice their own small details and imagine what those buildings’ many stories are.

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