Metro Sketch

I’ve been sketching people on the Washington, DC Metro for over two years now. Not only has it kindled an interesting and incredible source of practice for life drawing, something originally doused by dulling figure drawing classes in school, it also gave me a unique insight into my fellow Washingtonians. However, after doing so many of these sketches, I realized that I was drawing the same poses, the same actions, the same clothes, and the same faces over and over again. Needed a new angle, I decided to sketch people with one continuous line. By keeping my pen nib on the page for the entire sketch, I was drawing the same old subject, but with new and unexpected results, and a fun challenge to boot!


4 thoughts on “Metro Sketch”

  1. Thanks all; definitely was a nice new challenge. Thankfully the train wasn’t too bumpy or jumpy during this particular sketch, or the whole thing would have ended with one big long stroke crashing off of the page!

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