Urban Sketch

Being an urban sketcher is more than just sketching in a city versus the peaceful countryside. Urban sketching also involves dealing with the dynamic and unpredictable urban life itself. Here in Washington, DC, that includes suspicious federal agents. As I was completing this sketch one afternoon after work, I found myself being observed rather closely by an individual, whom started to ask me questions. The questions became a little too personal, to which I eventually objected. Turns out, my interrogator was Steve, claiming to be a federal agent (he showed me a badge), and informed me that he was in the area watching an important individual, whom I assumed worked for the law firm in the building I was sketching. Steve tried to play it off nice and friendly, but I decided to tell him to have a nice day, subsequently ignore him and continuing to sketch. He eventually left me alone, but then again, such is urban sketching in paranoid, pressured, security-freaked Washington, DC.


4 thoughts on “Urban Sketch”

  1. Great sketch! Really like your urban sketches. Ha, same thing happened to me once, but he was only a local police officer…

  2. Thanks everybody, and yeah, such are the travails of urban sketching in a place like Washington, DC. One of these days, I’m going to need to relax from it all and end up trekking into the quiet woods to sketch trees and nature!

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