Metro Sketch

One of those days on the Washington, DC Metro: open your sketchbook, break out your drawing tool of choice (Lamy Safari fountain pen w/EF nib), and catch what you can. Here’s what I caught on this particular day.


4 thoughts on “Metro Sketch”

  1. Lovely sketches Jason! Good too see you back! Happy New year! I have been a bit lazy over the past few weeks with my sketch production. The polar vortex is a good excuse for my laziness right now πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, and happy new year to you as well. We had the polar vortex here in DC, and I actually contemplated sketching in it (cyclists have a masochistic bravado about everything!), however, I save the bravado for the bike and just sat in a cafe doodling in one of my sketchbooks.

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