Bedtime Drawing

While I don’t fancy myself a children’s book illustrator, sometimes kids say things that beg to be drawn. While helping put a friend’s kid to sleep, we told him that we had to tuck him in extra tight because it was very cold outside. He suggested that we should cover him with blankets that reach up to the roof. The notion was so cool that this image popped into my head and I had to scrawl it into my sketchbook as soon as possible. When faced with a creative block, talk to young kids; they’ve got some pretty interesting things to say that can spark some interesting thinking!

I’ll be posting infrequently until the end of December, returning to regular posting in January – too many birthdays, holiday parties, and things of the sort to work around. I do want to take a moment to thank all of the followers on this blog – all 200 of you! – for taking the time to click onto Sketchbook Warrior. I’m usually updating this blog very late at night during the 25th hour of the day, so I definitely appreciate the time you take to visit my blog, look around, comment, or simply click Like. Sketching and illustration is a big part of my life, so when I get the time for a WordPress session, I truly look forward to checking out all of the awesomeness in my reader and interacting with all of you.

– Jason


7 thoughts on “Bedtime Drawing”

  1. Thanks, everybody! This was a fun drawing to do, especially since I did a lot of the colors with my kids’ Crayola markers, which had more cheerful colors than my grown-up Prismacolor markers. One of my kids uttered a line this weekend, which sparked another thought, and which will become a drawing and end up here as well. This is a whole new world of illustration thinking for me; just listen to young kids speak; the allegory and metaphors they use are just awesome.

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