Urban Sketch

Here is Eli’s Restaurant, located in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC. Eli’s is DC’s best kosher restaurant, where the food is meaty, the prices respectable, and the waitstaff friendly. Though the bottom floor of the building where the restaurant is located didn’t fit onto the page, my focus was the upper floors, which showcase the antique-style house architecture of Washington, DC – a beautiful style that clashes with the increasing number of sharp and gaudy glass and steel office buildings in the area. I did this sketch in about 45 minutes.


3 thoughts on “Urban Sketch”

  1. Those house sketches are great! I worked with a Slovakian illustrator and designer for a few years, and between him and my fandom of Slovakian pro cyclist Peter Sagan, I’ve become a little bit of a Slovak-phile! And yeah, sketching architecture is certainly a fun challenge. I’m hoping to get some travel sketching in the near future, and take my Washington, DC-honed urban sketching skills on the road.

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