Retro Sketch

Here is the final post about my broken foot saga from 2006, captured with a small sketchbook, a Pigma Micron pen, lots of painkillers, and nothing but time on my hands. After my second round of emergency surgery, all that was left to do was lay on my back with my foot elevated, read, draw, and watch television. After two grueling months, the bone mended, and an additional two months of intensive physical therapy followed. Everything healed up fine, and I slowly got back to walking and cycling. I also stopped my massive dosage of painkillers, but the scar on my foot pretty much ended my dreams of being a foot model. Oh well, there’s always art. Thanks to everybody for checking out this series of Retro Sketches and thanks for the comments, and please, please, please; watch your step when walking down those seemingly benign ramps!


4 thoughts on “Retro Sketch”

  1. Thanks all; there were a few other little sketches, but they were all harping on pretty much the same thing after a while. It got time to close the sketchbook, throw out the few remaining Percocit pills, and get back onto my feet. Glad everybody enjoyed the drawings, and if you ever find yourself with a triple fracture of the fifth metatarsal, I can recommend the best foot surgeon in the Washington, DC area.

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