Evening Sketch

Not only do I sketch during my lunch breaks (hence the “Lunch Line” postings), I also try to squeeze in some sketching after work as well. Such was the case here, where I focused on a particular section of this one building in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington, DC. As you can see from the notes on the side, I did this sketch as a freak weather front blew through the city, dropping the mild spring temperatures and slashing the city apart with cold, gusty winds.


1 thought on “Evening Sketch”

  1. Love the way you have singled this building out and in such conditions too. I have a soft spot for the line and this is so full of character that you half expect someone to look out one of the windows.
    I’ve done exactly the same in my lunch breaks when I was working full time and you do get some beautiful work, like the one you have done above. Great discipline. Your talent being honed every day like this stands you in such good stead for whatever opportunities may come along. AND THEY WILL! :)) Now looking forward to hearing more about ‘the foot’!

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