Retro Sketch

Continuing the story (read: “saga”) of my severely broken foot IMO this latest series of Retro Sketches, this drawing was a satirical take on my second round of emergency surgery. After the pins-and-wiring contraption assembled inside my foot from the first emergency surgery fell apart, the second surgery had to be as perfect as they come. And perfect it was: the surgeon performing the procedure was the official foot surgeon for a major league soccer team. Deft and agile as a watchmaker, he managed to bolt together the tiny pieces of the fragile shattered bone with one titanium screw. It was, as he claimed, the best foot surgery he’d ever done (he actually called his colleagues shortly afterwards in the post-midnight hours to brag of it!) Of course, surgery is still surgery, and my new prolonged period of recovery meant more time laying on my back with an elevated foot, so to help pass the time, I held my small sketchbook up in the air and scrawled away with my Pigma Micron pen, laying down as many lines, details, and dark areas as possible.


3 thoughts on “Retro Sketch”

  1. Sorry that is was such a saga, but this is such a great sketch considering the circumstances and the story is fascinating. You had world class service though hey?! Think you may have ended up in the car park with a couple of painkillers if it was the UK!! Keep the pics coming and glad you are over the worst 😉

  2. Thanks all; one more drawing coming next week to finish it all up. The happy face boxers, along with plenty of pajamas, were my wardrobe for a few months during the recovery, and the world class care came from the best source of all; my mother-in-law, whom is both a hard-core patient advocate and a hard-core mother-in-law. Without her, I don’t even want to think about what the alternatives would have been!

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