Blogging Break

I’ll be on a blogging break this week; between too much art involving pixels and electronics last week and too much cycling this week, I’m throwing in white flag on productivity until next week. Don’t worry, though; I’ll be back with plenty of Retro Sketches (including the concluding drawings from my gruesome broken foot experience), Metro Sketches, and Lunch Lines. In the meantime, thanks as always to the followers and visitors here, and thanks to all of my fellow bloggers whom keep my WordPress reader as a constant stream of awesomeness!

Of course, posts without picture suck, so here are some of my pens:


3 thoughts on “Blogging Break”

    1. Thanks all; hopefully, taking a little time off is as rejuvenating to an artist as it is to an athlete. As a cyclist, I can tell when my body is saying “take a few days off, I need a rest”, and as an artist, I can tell when my whole life is saying “I need a break from trying to blog at insanely late hours after insanely long days”. As for the pens, the red pen in the middle is a Lamy Safari fountain pen, which I do all of my Metro Sketch drawings with, and just above it is the cheap gel pen that I use to sketch buildings for the Lunch Line posts. At the bottom is the Bic 4-color Ballpoint, which everybody should own because it is a lot of fun to draw with.

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