Lunch Lines

Many buildings in Washington, DC are modular and patterned, which makes for great multi-day/multi-session sketching. Such was the case with this building, located in the West End neighborhood, which had both great composition and coloring. For this sketch, I stood across the street, sketching while leaning up against the entrance to the German Embassy, where I overheard diplomatic conversations in multiple languages on a daily basis, making this sketch all the more Washingtonian.


7 thoughts on “Lunch Lines”

  1. You seem to be lucky with the weather – I presume that Washington can’t get much rain? Even when its not raining here everything available to sit on or lean against is often soggy!

  2. Thanks all, and as for Washington weather, it can all change so quickly. This was done during the end of the spring, beginning of summer, when the swampiness of the region starts to kick in and violent thunderstorms can explode out of nowhere.

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