Retro Sketch

So if you’ve been following the narrative of the last three Retro Sketches, you’ve been reading – and looking at – the story of my severely broken foot back in 2006 (fifth metatarsal, triple-fracture). Well, for this post, it gets worse. The wire-and-pins contraption assembled inside of my foot to hold the shattered bone together came painfully apart. On the way to the doctor, we stopped for lunch. At the doctor’s office, the doctor put the x-ray up to the light, and asked me what was wrong with the picture. It was painfully obvious (aside from the visible pin-shaped protrusion from foot itself), that the whole contraption had fallen apart inside of my foot. With a second round of immediate emergency surgery obviously necessary, the doctor asked me when the last time I ate was. This is when I muttered “oh shi…”, given our meaty lunch of only a half-hour earlier.

Long story short; I was rushed to the hospital, had to wait eight hours for the food to leave my system, plus an additional three hours for a surgery room to open up, all the while holding my throbbing foot up in the air and doped up on more painkillers than was probably legal. I’ll continue the story in the next Retro Sketch, and yeah, it only gets better!


5 thoughts on “Retro Sketch”

  1. Brilliant!! Amazing sketch and great story Jason (though the pain must have been incredible at the time – yikes!)

    Thanks for keeping them comin’!


    1. Thanks! And yeah, the pain was pretty bad, but man, that Percocit is some great stuff. My doctors and surgeons made sure I had plenty of painkillers on hand until the bone was well and mended.

  2. Thanks, and as far as it being a horror trip, it actually was the result of the the most obscure and rather silly little tumble. The office I was working at had a handicap ramp that led from the kitchen to the main floor, an elevation difference of about five inches. As I was walking down the ramp, I veered off the side only a few inches from the bottom, as my desk was nearby, and as I stepped off the ramp to the floor, my foot snapped out from underneath me. I collapsed to the ground, blacked out for a second in an explosion of stars, and awoke in nauseatingly throbbing pain. And yes; this is how this competitive cyclist with a background in rock climbing, alpine skiing, and speedskating breaks his foot!

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