Metro Sketch

More often than not, when sketching people on the Washington, DC Metro, I try to do the line work and coloring all in one sitting, which keeps with the spontaneous and honest nature of the subject. Sometimes, though, the subject’s coloring is too good and the time too short. In these instances, I take my markers, dab a few swatches off to the side of the page in general relation the color’s placement, and then finish the coloring later on.


3 thoughts on “Metro Sketch”

  1. I love this! I really want to start drawing with markers. Excuse the rookie question – what do you use to colour the picture with?

    1. Thanks; for the coloring, I’m using an assortment of design markers, most of them being Prismacolor’s Premier dual-tipped markers (broad tip at one end, fine tip at the other). Amongst my assortment are some older markers from Pantone and Berol, left over from art school days long ago, but as they run out, I replace them with the Prismacolors. The line work on these sketches are done with a Lamy Safari fountain pen, filled with Pelikan ink.

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