Metro Sketch

Sketching on the Washington, DC Metro usually has to be done fast, and when such is the case, something is bound to go wrong. In this case, it was the rendering on this lady’s neck, where, in the chase to record her very Washingtonian hair, facial expression, clothing and accessory ensemble, and color palette, I had inadvertently given this poor, yet obviously healthy woman, the neck of somebody perhaps a little heavier than she.


2 thoughts on “Metro Sketch”

  1. It is a lovely rendering but as you have said it only needs the smallest line at the slightest wrong angle to completely change a person’s look or age.

    1. Thanks; and yeah, that’s something I love about sketching: I always expect something to go wrong, even though I try to at least retain a general degree of accuracy and honesty in the subject I’m sketching. Generally when these sketches are done, I know full-well that something went wrong, but then again, when something goes wrong in art, it’s really just the art taking on a life of it’s own.

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