Retro Sketch

In 2006, I had a small stumble at work, which resulted in a major injury: a triple-fracture of the upper section of the fifth metatarsal in my right foot. The tiny crumble atop the tiny top section of this little bone resulted in two rounds of emergency surgery, two months of being laid-up on my back with my foot elevated, three months of physical therapy, and enough painkillers to put a smile on an elephant. There’s not much you can do when laying on your back, practically immobile, with your shattered-and-casted foot elevated gingerly on a pile of pillows, so I grabbed my small sketchbook, a Micron Pigma pen, downed a few happy pills, and started drawing.


4 thoughts on “Retro Sketch”

  1. Sounds really horrific, but wonderful sketch came out of it. Great share. Shame you aren’t a footballer hey? This would be headline news! Glad you are all better now though 😉

    1. Thanks; I actually did a little research on my injury, and it turns out that it’s rather quite the footballer’s injury. I have a few friends whom play the game, and they recant similar injuries as well. Foot’s all better, but the scar hampers my chance of ever being a foot model.

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