Metro Sketch

“Never give up” is a common mantra in so many situations, and the same holds true when sketching people on a busy commuter train. With a dynamic and unpredictable queue of impromptu life drawing models, you never know which one is going to make for a truly viable study. The result is pages of rushed drawings, half-drawings, and bad drawings, but in not giving up, chances are you may just get in one good study, as was the case here, where the individual on the lower right corner of the page finally made for one good study this particular train ride.


4 thoughts on “Metro Sketch”

  1. Hi Jason! Maybe that’s a stupid question, but: Do you colorize while sketching or do you do it later on? If so, how do you memorize the colors (if you actually do memorize them in the first place)?

    1. Totally legit question, actually; sketching and drawing is such a vast realm that the exploration of different artists’ tips and techniques is as creative as the art itself. With my sketching, the colorization happens in different ways, depending on how much time I have to sketch. When I sketch on the Metro, I usually like to do the whole sketch – ink lines and then coloring with markers – all in the same trip to keep the spontaneous look and be true to the moment. If, however, I really want to capture particular colors, but know I won’t have the time to do it, I’ll just dab samples of the colors onto the side of the page and color in the areas later. After years of sketching in Washington, DC, though, I’ve got most of the colors memorized, particularly the colors of the trains and the clothes people wear. For the bicycle sketches and most urban sketches, I also do them in one sitting, usually in about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes during lunch, doing the line work first with cheap gel pens and then coloring in with markers. On some of the more detailed and developed building sketches, though, these are done over the course of a few days, so some days are devoted to line work and others to coloring.

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