8 thoughts on “Retro Sketch”

    1. Maybe one day there will be a book, but then again, I’m doing this whole blog on the spare fringes of my daily life as it is (posting at 1:30 AM with a strong cup of coffee – yay!). Great blog you have, and incredible paintings at that; the Knights Templar oil is just sick – love the black and green palette!

      1. Nice of you Jason, your comments much appreciated. I was using Cobalt Blue and Yellow but great to hear how effective the contrast can be between just a couple of colours that is comes across as dramatic as black! Thank you 😉 Yeah, understand the restriction on time being an issue…but just love your blog and images. Can see them on T-Shirts and articles everywhere. Apologies if that isn’t what you we visualising, but they will be such a hit (like they aren’t already!?). All the best..

    1. Many thanks, and welcome! Love your blog as well, and that’s the beauty of urban and international sketching – sharing our worlds in the unique mediums of sketchbooks, loose lines, and watercolor washes. Looking forward to following your blog and seeing more of Italy (especially as a pro cycling fan whom follows Il Giro d’Italia every year!)

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