Lunch Lines

Quick; look at an interesting building, and then sketch it. No pre-sketching allowed, and only a minimal amount of pre-visualization employed to ensure that everything fits onto the page, and then just draw and color everything in your path. Such was the case with this building, which is the Tanzanian embassy here in Washington, DC. I did this sketch in about 30 minutes. Not only was it good practice for drawing buildings, it also helped keep my incessant perfectionism at bay.


Metro Sketch

Commuter trains make for extremely dynamic environments for sketching. With a rough, moving – yet frequently stopping – train and a continual cast of impromptu and unknowing (hopefully!) life drawing models, control over the sketch is always in a state of compromise. Such was the case here; this person was rather normal in build and gentle in appearance, yet in rushing to get him captured in sketch, the degree of lost control resulted with him looking muscular and menacing. I didn’t draw him perfectly, but I did draw him, and I’ve always felt that sometimes, when art goes “wrong”, all it’s really doing is taking on a life of its own.